Monday, 4 April 2016

Are You a Bridge Between Two Worlds?

By Christina Lavers
24th March 2016
for Wake Up World  (excerpts)

Many of us, who feel we have awoken, currently find ourselves straddling two worlds. One is the old world, the one we all grew up in...

In contrast, the new reality that many of us feel lapping at the edges of our internal horizon, is based on love, authenticity, and personal sovereignty...

These are the realities of the old and new paradigms that currently co-exist on Earth...

When we take the time to focus on the truth of our hearts we recognize the external droning for what it is: a shallow, crumbling illusion that we have outgrown. This is the vacillating, sometimes confusing, and undoubtedly challenging life of being ‘a bridge’ between two worlds.

If you identify with what is written here you are likely a bridge: [someone] who has awoken here in this time and place in order to assist in the process of shifting out of the old world paradigm and ushering in a fresh new one... those of us who find ourselves straddling two worlds are in the blessed position of being able to serve humanity by participating in, and facilitating a profound and exciting process of transformation... there are steps we can take to make the transition smoother.

1. Be conscious of your energy and how you direct it
We each have an energy signature, the energy that flows out from within. While this energy has an essence that is unique and distinctly us, it is not stagnant and can change in pitch and vibration depending on how it is influenced. When we feel grounded in a heart-based world view we feel expanded, optimistic and powerful, and our energy reflects this and transmits this frequency out into the wider world, adding to the power and shine of the new...

2. Trust the process

Learning to be guided by internal rather than external cues can be extremely challenging...  I have found that my healing journey seems to have a life of its own, as though it is orchestrated by a wiser more enlightened version of myself... 

3. Be radically you

We are no longer on the king’s highway. In the new paradigm there is no right way or wrong way, we are each responsible for finding our own path to navigate through life. The most important thing we can do to facilitate this transition is to be completely and unapologetically ourselves. We each carry a vital piece of the whole within. In the old world we were taught to hide our uniqueness and strive to fit into an externally dictated ideal mould. In the new paradigm our uniqueness is precious and should be celebrated. We each see the world from our own very personal reference point and the more we share our vision, the richer and more vibrant the whole becomes. So please let’s explore our vast inner worlds so that we may uncover and share the exquisite treasures we all carry within.

4. Connect with like-minded people

... As more and more connections are formed between like-minded people who consciously choose to step away from the competitive, egocentric paradigm in which we were indoctrinated, into new more collective, loving ways of being, pockets of new energy are forming, spreading, strengthening and becoming more visible, and the new world gradually becomes more prominent in our reality.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

My reflections about money from an Arcturian point of view

These relections came out of typing up the Marilyn Raffaele transcript over the weekend. You'll find this transcript on last Friday's blog post.

A little background

I had an experience on an Arcturian Lightship in November 2012. If you've ever had an experience like this, it's possible you were shown lots of things too. I was shown lots of things simultanously in a very short space of 'time' - not only how Arcturians appear to human (3-D) eyes, but how the society operates, the culture, what motivates them - their purpose, what they do with their 'time' (there is no 'time' as we know it in the quantum field), their transportation systems, communication, relationships, manifesting children, family life, 'governance' systems, and so on.

So what I say below in "My relections about money..." comes through the filter of what I immediately "knew" and came to know about the society, from when I was on board the Arcturian Light ship, and in 'discussions' with them over the next couple of years.

For the sake of brevity - In a sentence:  Arcturians don't use money. There is no need for it...

I'll explain why Arcturians don't need money in the following paragraphs. Sorry this is all getting quite long again. The reason for lengthy replies is that people generally won't be able to understand a concept until they see what lies behind it.  Therefore, it's no good trying to explain why Arcturians don't need money until we've had a discussion about what money is, duality, plasma, and "The Field"  : )

The Arcturians are scientists and philosophers, first and foremost

If you haven't guessed by now, Arcurians are scientists...  Speciality: The Quantum Field. Because of this knowledge, they are also great healers of the human physical organism. Many 'natural' energy healers such as myself, call on "angelic beings" to help them perform the healing - which is essentially a 'scientific' (metaphysic) energy observation and manipulation through the third eye pineal, and by using hand movements, breath and sound to manipulate the unseen underlying atomic structure of the organism. Because there is no time or space (they're both aspects of the illusion), doing these healings across time and space is also very effective. I've done a number of distance healings with "miraculous" effect. This phenomena is not imaginary. It is very real. And the people who got up and walked with no pain straight after or very soon after the session was done for them, are a testimony to this reality. Please also contact me if you'd like me to do a distance healing for you.  So, very often, i'd say the beings who healers are calling on are the 7-9D Arcturians - that's who will often be turning up.

Angelic beings

These 'Arcs' (my pet nickname) are the big shiny - radiantly shiny beings, who i'm sure are the beings the bible often refers to as "angels". Arcturians are definitely helpers of "God", or as I prefer it, that which is "Consciousness" - The One.

What is the "Resonance Unity Field" of Consciousness?

The Field (electrical plasma field) was created by The One, and is how The One (Consciousness) which is infinite and unfathomable, moves around the world of 'form' - which includes 'thought form' (ref: Tolle).

The Field is a bridge between the world of 'materiality' (of which 7-9D is), and the world of pure spirit.  Pure spirit does not require any manifestation (materiality) whatsoever. The One is pure spirit. Pure spirit is what we all are at our most fundamental level. We are all material manifestations of 'life' (on every dimension), at our very finest level. When we (meaning all material manifestations of 'life' on every dimension) choose to see what we actually are (this is up to each sentient 'individual' being, light being and every intelligent entity that has 'life'), we will join and be combined in Consciousness again as particles, within and of The One. That is who we are.

You must experience it...  not just visualize it or talk about it

... But it's no good actually, to try to explain and conceptualize this as a mental construct. You have to 'feel' it and 'know' it, sit with it and experience what it is, to really understand it. Hence the recommendation of spiritual teachers in the 'past' and 'now' (there is no 'time' in the quantum field), to practice meditation, yoga and 'mindfulness' in daily life. This "joining" (unity - yoga means 'unity') is the 'nirvana' that gurus (all devotees of such practices), seek to attain. It's actually very scientific. But of course, modern science has only been able to explain the phenomena very recently. So up until now, people just did their 'religious' practices and experienced outcomes that we are now able to explain through our 'new' scientific terms - including 'miracles'.

"Plasma field" - Thought is plasmatic in nature. ie: Thought is electrical. 
It operates in the quantum field - wave forms and particles.

Image result for plasma gif

See this video for more on how plasma works... 

What is money?

"Money" is simply an accounting system. On earth currently, money accounts for someone's supposed "effort" they have given to society. Those who put in more effort for their society therefore will have more Money...  right? Would this not be the equanimous equitable way of thinking about "effort"?  Theoretically, it should be...  But this is not what we find in Earth society  : (

eg: The mother at home raising her child, does not receive 'money'; the child who walks five miles in Africa to bring water to her family, does not receive 'money'; the retired gentleman in Argentina who voluntarily helps to repair his neighbour's garden shed, does not receive 'money'; neither does the YouTube video-maker nor the blog-writer (such as myself), nor the 'armchair activist' on Facebook - None of these receives 'money'.

Who receives the money?  

People who are investing effort into the monetary system, receive the money.

So here in practice, we find that people on Earth are actually invested into two systems of "contribution". One set of "contributions" or "efforts" to society feeds the monetary system and "rewards" those people who participate in that system with money (ie: money is its own reward), whereas other "contributions" do not feed the monetary system and therefore, there are no monetary rewards for the people who contribute in that way.

Who is actually "contributing"?

Is there any less "contribution" between these two? Is there any less "effort" exerted by the mother, by the girl, by the retired gentleman, by the writers, videographers and people active on Facebook who are contributing to a global awakening of what is real and what is not? (we are in the age of dis-spelling the illusions). No. Of course not. The difference is that one set of contributions serves the money system itself, and the other set of contributions serves other people - excusively.  The beneficiaries of that "effort" or "contribution" to others for no trade-off of money, are the children of the mother (and by implication, her husband), the African family of the girl, the Argentinian neighbour, the people of the world who are under-educated and under-informed about the world's affairs and who may need some kind of a challenge if they are sitting doing nothing all day except being in "service to self".

So we find we actually live under two systems of accounting for our "contribution" 

(1) One is the system of Money
(2) The other is the system of Love and Compassion

Two accounting systems

Therefore, humans (yes, we ourselves), have divided our "system" of accounting for "effort" into a duality - this is a very typical behavior for humans:

(1) that which earns money and is therefore admirable
(2) that which earns no money and is considered unworthy.
Worse still, if you're contributing your efforts to other people for no monetary reimbursement, it's said that you've made no "contribution" to society at all !!  These are the lies of the puppet masters and which are perpetuated by the people themselves  : (  People need to stop thinking these thoughts. This is the propaganda of the puppet masters designed so we keep each other under control.


In the Arcturian world, dualities are very strange things indeed. Earth people love playing with dualities because at heart, we're generally quite competitive. So we love comparing 'black-white', 'right-wrong', 'plenty-lack', 'intelligence-stupidity', 'muscle-fat', 'sunny-cloudy', 'polite-brash', and on and on... The dualistic comparisons humans make are never-ending... endless... All of this is Mind playing in the 3-D.  I reference Eckhart Tolle when I say this.  Here is Tolle:
What is the greatest obstacle to experiencing this reality? 
"Identification with your mind, which causes thought to become compulsive. Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don't realize this because almost everybody is suffering from it, so it is considered normal. This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being. It also creates a false mind-made self that casts a shadow of fear and suffering. We will look at all that in more detail later." - Eckhart Tolle   
"The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. 
"Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind wrongly – you usually don’t use it at all. It uses you. This is the disease. You believe that you are your mind. This is the delusion. The instrument has taken you over." – Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (chapter excerpts) 

Living in "The Field"

The Arcturian society (all 'people', or better stated: All 7-9D energetic emanations exhibiting intelligence whose origins are the Bootes constellation), are very attune to vibrations within the quantum field. This is where the Arcturians live... within The Field.  So when Christians say, "In Him I live and I move and I have my being..." when they refer to God, this is a good comparison of what it's like to be a 7-9D Arcturian being living within The Field.  ie: Arcturians only have 'existence', as Lord Gautama Buddha puts it, because they (the Arcturians) choose to align their vibrational 'physicality' to The Field.

What is "The Field"? 

In the simplest of terms: It's a plasma field of electric energy. I personally don't know the science of The Field as i've never studied physics - but i'm just passing on to you what I get told by the Arcturian intelligences. I generally Google such terms when I "hear" them to make sure i'm not just writing 'gobbeldly-gook'. Generally what I "hear" makes perfect sense when I look up these terms.

To continue:  If an Arcturian drops out of alignment with the vibration of The Field, he or she (yes, there are 'genders', but in a somewhat different way to what humans know about), then their 'chi' energy would diminish to such an extent that their life-force would 'expire'. This is an impossibility actually, once a being elevates to the 7D and beyond, but is stated here as a 'dualism' for the sake of illustration.

Metals vs. Energy

Hopefully you will see now how "effort" or "contribution" by an individual for the good of society as a whole is not measured in metals by the Arcturians... but purely in Energy.  In fact, the contrubution is never "measured" nor accounted for, as it is in Earth society. What on earth would the purpose be of "keeping a record" unless it were to force some idea of dualism (right and wrong).

Please note the big 'E' denoting "Energy". This is the Energy that gets carried on The Field in waves and has within it life-enhancing properties that gets distributed ed all over the Universe. The Energy of "effort" or "contribution" keeps expanding all over the Universe, ultimately becoming manifest "awakening" for all of creation, of which we are a part.

Free will vs. Control

The end result or functioning ideology of the Arcturian society is not 'communism' or 'collectivism' by the way, because free-will choice most certainly, is a Prime impetus in this high-vibrational society. So there is no external pressure or force on anyone (light being) by anyone (light being) to do anything! None at all!

Arcturian youth:  Social and Science education and "Play"

If a young Arcturian wants to 'play games' all day, for the 200+ years of their youth, that is entirely permitted, but you will probably find the 'games' they play will be about shifting of matter and energies, and manifesting matter and energies through thought. These "games" would include 'mind-reading', telekinesis, psychometry, honing telepathic communications skills, teleportation, levitation, viewing the past and the future, philosophical exchange, and so on...

Creating Non-Balance in "The Field"

Some adventurous young Arcturians might find out what happens when they intrude on the thought of another as they develop - especially intrusions on the thoughts of elder beings whose work is very close to Creator. This is a very big no-no and undoubtedly, the parents will have already had the discussion with their youngster about these consequences. A likely outcome of such an intrusion is to get a blast of energy right back at them that will likely send the youngster to their bed for a few hours or even days!

Re-creating Balance in "The Field"

Please note: Such a 'blast' is not being "directed" as such to the youngster, by the elder. The intrusion will initially be felt by the elder as a 'distraction'. If the distraction is found by the elder to be unimportant in that moment, the distraction would be 'frowned' upon. The young Arcturian needs to learn that there actually are boundaries within Arcturian society which are in alignment with The Field. Therefore, to incarnate into the manifest (material realm) as a young Arcturian 7-9D, provides the eternal soul-being the possibility of learning very directly, about "The Field". The energy (vibration) that returns to the young Arcturian is a direct consequence of them creating "intruding thoughts" when they have in fact been asked to not do that. Do you know the phrase: "To every action is an equal and opposite reaction"? This is what happens in a case like this. Some people call this "karma" - and this is close as a definition, although may not be entirely accurate as a thought form in some people's minds... The cause-effect response is entirely dispassionate. ie: the returned 'reaction' is just science. It is simply the non-emotive response of The Field to the youngster's intrusion.

The maintenance of Balance within "The Field"

The Field itself therefore, creates alignment of individuals to itself. Please do not be tempted to anthropomorphize or personify The Field. It is pure Energy. It does not have emotions. That incidentally is one of the main problems with the word "God". Anthropomorphism of the term "God" brings "Consciousness" (infinite, indefinable) down to the level of a human Earth-dwelling man. This is completely incorrect.  The creation of Balance within "The Field" is a universal law and a principle that we actually see manifesting all the time on our Earth plane. That's why darkness (lies) is always brought into the light (truth) ... That's why wrong-doing can never get away from a bad conscience. That's why good-doing is coupled with a feeling of expansion in the chest cavity. We all are (all manifested life forms on all dimensional planes), are living within certain 'universal laws' right now without us noticing. Because these laws are all part of our macro-system, we hardly ever take notice of them.

External means of "control"

In Arcturian society, this is why there's no need for duality - no scolding, no angry thoughts, no thoughts of 'right' or 'wrong'... because The Field will constantly direct the young (emerging) Arcturian energy 'emanations' to where they are 'meant' to be and to what they are meant to be focusing on and learning.


Harmony in The Field is a heard sound

The impetus is always towards creation of 'balance' within The Field. Any disharmony (yes, there is often disharmony in the universe) comes back into harmony (this is a physically audibly heard sound in the cosmos), after manipulations in The Field are carried out by Arcturian 'developed' light beings and light beings of other races  : )  Even a 'blast' from The Field when you have intruded your thought to an elder when they are busy (including your parents) has its own lesson. Therefore: This is all learning that will give you a solid foundation for your later life as an 'adult'. Note: I'm talking again in terms of duality to help people understand - so "adult" (which implies 'bigger' compared to 'smaller') is more rightly named a 'developed' one.  However: 'developed' still is a duality because it compares with 'undeveloped'. All energies (beings, emanations) are actually One. They are all allowed to Be with no identifying labels. To identify and label that is Mind play. And to do that is to root yourself once again in 3D. This is one of the tricks of the Puppet Masters that keeps us stuck in The Illusion.

Arcturian Eduction

As a 'younger one' (all energies are admired and loved), you're learning skills by playing in The Field. That "play" has a context within a set of social mores of that society. It's a very 'balanced' society - in energy, in thought, and in 'product' (in the energy and material substance that is created out of The Field). This education may sound very tedious to Earth people, but it's not at all boring and there are no strifes or divisions between yourself and others when you 'grow up' - only inquiry and curiosity. The energies of 'inquiry' and 'curiosity' are the closest 'feelings' I can describe that 7-9D Arcturians have, compared to our commonplace experience and humans growing up, being: 'strife' or 'tension'.

Why is there so much "tension" and "strife" in human society?

There is no need for 'challenge' or 'argument' as a young Arcturian matures, nor is there any need to usurp anybody else's energies. That's what humans are doing when we 'challenge' and 'argue'. This is what creates the feeling of 'strife' and 'tension' in us. It's when some-body is trying to steal our energy (the truth of our experience, "I Am") away from us. Humans go into panic because in our collective unconscious memory, it means extinction! It appears that humans can die (on more that one level I would say), when the power exerted over them to not be living in the "I Am" of their own authentic experience, is taken away from them by another - eg: by being told they are wrong, or stupid, or just a dreamer...  etc, etc...

Humans die when they are not permitted to live fully in their "I Am" authentic experience

The usurpation of that "I Am" authentic experience by somebody else gives us humans feelings of death at our most fundamental soul (eternal being) level  : (    This is what the Arcturians are telling me right now. This is not something i've ever though about before.

Therefore: there is no need for the 'swapping' (usurpation) of energies like this in Arcturian society (challenging, arguing, berating of somebody else), because one simply 'mainlines' directly into The Field and one is 'enhanced' or 'built up' again directly, from tapping into The Resonant Unity Field. Humans have the ability to do this right now. Some people might call this "tapping into God". Essentially, it's the same thing, so long as you're not mentally trying to define 'God' as anything that resembles a human being.

What can you do when you feel really bad... ??  : (

So when you're feeling low or miserable or unloved, you don't need to suck off anybody else. Please just mainline into Consciousness (Creator) and find there in The Field, exactly what you need to help you feel better. And of course, ask other people for help too... but learn to not suck off other people for pity and don't be desperate with them. This is another inauthentic way you are sucking off people. Just tell them what's going on, and allow them to respond - with your hand open to whatever they are willing to offer you, or not offer to help you. It's completely their choice.


All of this brings us onto the current discussion which is about money. At last we are here. It took a while, but I think you'll be able to read the following now from the context of the macrosystem you see above - about the Arcturian point of view.  Please feel free to ask any questions in Comments below, and please feel free to add your own thoughts and experiences around this topic in Comments too.  Thanks, Bron.


Here are my reflections. 

This is a commentary about the video you can find in the link below and here:

I struggle with the concept of "money". Do you too?

What Marilyn shares in her video about money, gratitude and abundance struck quite a few chords in me. I think i'll still continue to stuggle with the concepts she presents, simply because I don't think we should have money at all. But i'd like to try some of these ideas out that she presents. I very strongly feel that money is the means by which the puppet masters have kept humanity enslaved. So I intentionally avoid money :P  I'm actually surprised i'm putting this video up on this blog.

What I like about it is this:

The Arcturian Group (through Marilyn) suggests some very practical things we can apply right now, that I think will shift stuck energy around 'money'. We (sadly) still do live in a world of money, so i'm happy to entertain these ideas and do some of these exercises, knowing that this is just a 'transitory measure' until humanity's emotional need for money falls away completely. I'm sure willing to give this advice a go.

To explain...

I just don't give money energy and haven't been for the last five years or so - especially for the last 3 years. I generally don't look at bank balances, I have my basic regular bills on Automatic Payment, and every week I just make sure I spend less than I know what's coming in. That way, I know i'm not getting myself into strife. And I only have NZ$100 a week to live on after rent and power APs come out, so i'm not rich. Then i've still got food, petrol, repairs, phone, internet connection, clothing, birthday presents, etc, etc, to pay for. So I don't have much, and I ofen go without 'things'. But...

I'd rather live this way (personally) so I don't have to keep looking at my account balances. That used to wind me up completely. I'm so glad I don't live on that hampster wheel any longer. I might check my balances just once a month now - sometimes only once every two months! That's how much I don't like the energy of 'money'. I feel much happier living this way. I feel under much less stress than I used to, even though there's much less money. It's strange how that works! For me... Money = Stress. Previously... More money = More stress.

Does it work like this for anyone else out there as well? 

Please leave your comment below (any language).

'Things' (possessions) just don't interest me. Is this simply because i'm older and the allure of the pretty, shiny, glittery things just doesn't do it for me anymore? These things did used to 'call' me when I was younger. I'm in my 50s now. I certainly do have some 'things' - a nice comfy lounge suite, a fridge/freezer, a comfortable bed, a piano, a car (fully paid for), stacks of books, a TV and DVD player and my PC. That's all I need. This is in no way a judgment on anyone else who likes lots of 'things' and who keeps wanting more and more things, like my son who's in his 30s. He gets new stuff every week! I'm just not wired that way anymore...

I prefer 'thoughts' to 'things'. 

I'd be pretty gutted if I lost my mind/intellect/mens sana, for example. That would suck a lot !! So I guess it's a case again of, "You get what you give your attention to". Have you heard the saying, "Energy flows where attention goes"? So maybe this is true? I give lots of attention to knowledge, my internal processes - spiritual growth and the like, and watching the unfolding downfall of the globalist agenda.

I'm definitely not into money "for my own benefit". 

That feels like a very 'small' way to live. If my little brother or sister in Africa still has to walk five miles to collect their family's drinking water today, I would far rather expend my energy on co-creating a global awakening to what the globalist agenda is... That's so we can collectively learn to recognize what the agenda is and how we can tear it down - simply by not giving it energy any longer. I have around 500 people a day from all over the world coming to look at posts on my main blog (not this one). Most of them are from France currently. Most of the time, the main interest comes from the USA. Sometimes my biggest audience is from Russia. It's interesting watching the ebb and flow of interest from different countries and what posts have grabbed their attention. It gives me a "bird's eye" view of where and why the global energies are shifting : )

My blog is called Co-creating Our New Earth and it is creating awaking. 

It's on that 'mission' (of writing) that I expend most of my time and energy  : )  That's fine for me... I hope you've found your outlet, or at least now, I hope you are thinking about how you can help to create Awakening in some way as well. eg: through your existing business; directly - talking to friends, family and neighbours; through a co-operative venture you want to start up with other people; writing music, a play, or creating a piece of art; through writing letters to politicians and 'Letters to the editor' of your local newspaper... There's lots of ways we can help keep the impetus going of this global awakening to the Truth : )

Truth #1) We are eternal beings - we never die. "Death" is part of the illusion, the hologram. Death only happens because enough people believe it will.

Truth #2) We belong to the land we were born on... the LAND that is, not the "government" trying to control that land. Mother Earth nurtures and loves us for all the length of our days, as we climb the mounds of her back. Our inheritance is to live freely on the land, for no charge.

Truth #3) Money is the means by which we are kept in slavery. As soon as humanity lets go its need for money, we will all be free !! Think about it...

What will that day look like? : )

What's one of the primary ways we can tear down the globalist agenda? 

Simply: to not apply for any more debt... No more loans from banking institutions. Refuse to be a debt slave! This is the biggest thing we can all do to tear down this corrupt global banking system. People who are making the personal sacrifice to downsize, get mortgage free and live in a tiny house, are definitely on the right track! I actually don't like the tiny house concept at all... (I live in a big sprawling 1920s bungalow). I think the tiny house propaganda is all part of the 'Agenda 21' conditioning programe. But I do think those people are helping break down the globalist banking agenda immeasurably, because most of them are refusing loans, or just getting a very small one. Thank them, next time you see a tiny house dweller, or an RV dweller. They are doing great good for humanity simply by their withdrawl from the banking loan system : )

What if i'm a really wealthy person right now with no loans or credit card debt?

If you do find you have money (no problem), you have the choice to use it for altruistic purposes, like this New Zealand man from Ngaruawahia, which is only around 15 miles away from where I live.  He is changing the water situation for thousands of people in Africa right now !! He's doing that with a water pump system designed for NZ farm situations. This is great !! Right ?? This is definitely a wonderful way to spend your money - by sharing your creativity : )

Kevin Smith is a very cool example that many creative business people can follow. We all have something we can give to the world  ; )  Just think about what you're going to offer humanity in the very near future... freely : )

Kiwi brings clean water to remote Africa


For me??

I'd (personally) rather create Awakening than accrue more and more money (through working more hours for an employer), that simply enables me go out and buy more 'things'. Money to me is the 'slave trap'. I prefer knowledge and sharing that knowledge, so a lot more people can jump onto this page of 'reality' - see yesterday's post about the hologram.

I'm not about "the money". I'm personally all about "the knowledge" ...Words ...Sharing information. That's what i'm about. We all have our different callings : )

 What's yours?

Please feel free to share your 'calling' in Comments, as your 

declaration to us and your declation to the Universe  : )

What do your natural likes and dislikes tell you about your Star Family connections?

I'm not sure if these feelings I have are an "Arcturian thing" or not. I've never had much of an impetus towards accruing material 'stuff'. But then i've walked with Arcturians probably right from the start... before birth. I remember a few things from before birth!

- Like the twin I was conceived with (at the same time) who I never knew about until I was 34 years of age. He withdrew from my mother when she miscarried him...

- Like "watching myself" sitting in a baby buggy on a beach near Dargaville, Northland NZ. I would have been around 6-8 months old at the time. And here I am now, left with a memory of looking at my baby self, looking out at the sea while the rest of my family were digging up toheroa (shellfish) out in the shallow waves at low tide...

- And like remembering parts of my last life, spent on a farm in northern Netherlands, very near both the Danish and German borders. I spontaneously translated Danish one day when I was around age 38! I'd never learned Danish before, just a bit of French in high school - French is very different to Danish. I gave myself a hell of a fright! : ) But there we are... It's a strange old world.

Opening of your third eye...

Perhaps I had these memories and experiences because I had a very troubled childhood (??) Perhaps there was some kind of 'disconnect' that happened because of early child-hood sexual abuse (pre-3 years old). Although I was terrified all the time well into my fourties (PTSD) I never felt entirely alone as a child. I certainly had those feelings of being alone in my 30s though, when I was sorting out a lot of family-based crazy-making. I think as a child, I was pretty spiritually aware. I spent a lot of time on my own as a child, as the next sibling up from me was 7.5 years older. I found all kinds of ways of entertaining myself... mainly in nature and with animals, since I grew up on a farm. Despite growing up in a very angry, violent household, I think the closeness to nature really helped regarding spiritual development.

Awakening:  "I am an eternal being!"

I was around 6 years old when I awakened to the fact that I am an eternal being. So are you : ) We all are. I've heard of other people too who've had this particular awakening as a very young child. For me, I just knew it as a Truth one day, when I looked into my eyes in the mirror of the junior toilet block at our school... and "there she was", looking back at "me". My eternal being was looking back at me through my eyes! Try it! You look into your eyes earnestly, in a mirror. You just might see him or her there as well! There you are! Please on this one thing, you can take my word for it ; ) And then I ran outside again a few seconds later and started playing with my friends again. That was at the age of six. Kinda cute... But that was my "Awakening". I knew then who I was - Eternal being : ) And I had no idea how important that discovery was until many decades later. I've had a few more "awakenings" since then, of course... awakening to different levels and layers as life gave me the opportunity to "see".

The "money" issue. Use your intuition! Don't feel compelled to "follow".

... So getting back to the "money" video: I certainly don't believe everything said in this video, even though the message is supposedly coming directly from The Arcturian Group. Never feel as though you have to treat anyone's message as 'gospel' - not even mine. Please see the post I put up yesterday around intuition. What's great for me, might not hit you in the heart at all... There is neither 'right' nor 'wrong'. It's just that we need different things right now, and we're responding in different ways to different things... and that's perfect!  So please, don't ever fear not being a "follower". We have come here to beat our own path... to find our own way. Go within. Listen to the still small voice inside. Find your truth. If it's a voice that brings you peace and stillness, that's the right one to listen out for : )

So while the whole message on Marilyn's video is not for me personally, i'll take from it what I feel led to take. You might like to do the same : )

I've added transcription below the video for people who don't have English as a listening language.
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Friday, 1 April 2016

We want to talk about MONEY - Marilyn Raffaele. March 20, 2016

Arcturian Group 20 March 2016 Galactic Federation of Light

Published on Mar 20, 2016

By Marilyn Raffaele.

Dear ones, welcome to a time when things seem the same for much of the world, but not for you who are awakening. Many of you are beginning to have new and unusual experiences as well as deeper insights that the others are unaware of. Keep on keeping on, for evolution is moving toward a new earth and a new state of consciousness for those who choose....

We wish to talk about money, a topic that seems to cause much chaos and many problems for the world. The human belief system regarding money is built around duality - the consciousness of money as a good that must be attained or an evil to be rejected.  Both are false, being based in a general ignorance of truth often, along with the desire of many for power. Money is a medium of exchange in and of itself, having no power other than the power you give it.

Every soul is seeking to find and remember itself, to rest in the peace and joy and love of once again experiencing who and what it really is. When an individual incarnates into third dimensional energy he comes with a plan for whatever experiences are necessary for his evolutionary process. Once in the denser energy of the 3rd diminsion he forgets this, but retains that deep yearning for completeness. Not understanding that what he seeks is spiritual he begins to seek outwardly for whatever he believes will bring him happinness according to his attained state of consciousness. Seeking and struggling for some perceived good, often money in the outer no matter the cost to others, is how much of the world still functions. It is the souce of all criminal behaviour, power struggles, dishonesty, religiosity, and on and on.

Every individual is seeking to experience their innate wholeness but are not yet aware that it lies within. They turn every which way in the outer until in some lifetime at some point, they give up and start looking within to where it is.  Money, as well as all forms of abundance is a mind interpretation of ever-present completeness and wholeness within every individual.

Mind can only interpret manifest outwardly according to the attained state of consciousness and personal belief system of each.  If divine wholeness was not already embodied within, it could never appear outwardly, because the outer is the inner.

Abundance is an infinite always-present divine law, but the universal belief in duality and separation has resulted in a world of lack and limitation. In duality there will always be the pairs of opposites of abundance and scarcity, and with separation, there will always be some who have and some who do not. These beliefs are being continually reinforced by the consensus consciousness.

The law of abundance is easily observed in nature, the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the flowers in the fields, and the birds of the air. Nature when allowed, always functions according to a law of divine abundance. The time has come for evolving mankind to begin the process of moving beyond obselete beliefs of lack in its many forms, for in reality there is no such thing as 'lack'.  Lack especially in the form of money, is a very difficult belief to move beyond. It, and lessons of relationship, represent the two most difficult blocks for the human consciousness.

Beliefs of lack and limitation have developed to the point of becoming human laws, because for the most, all previous lifetimes were lived fully enmeshed in third dimensional energy. Cellular memory until cleared, still carries energies associated with experiences of poverty and starvation from some of those lifetimes. However, human laws as real as they may seem to be, are only beliefs that can never supercede divine law.

Gratitude is a powerful key for unlocking of abundance because it is the acknowledgement that "I have". Start with what is familiar, giving gratitude to the divine within you for everything, no matter how mundane or seemingly unimportant it may seem.  Begin to acknowledge abundance everywhere around you, even with something as simple as noticing the nice suit someone is wearing or a beautiful home you admire.

Start saying grace before meals if you don't already, making it a recognition and gratitude for your divine wholeness, manifesting outwardly as 'food'. Allow the simple mealtime prayer to move beyond the memorized and rote thanking of some far-off concept of a God who picks and chooses who to bless - the God man has created in his own image and likeness. In expressing gratitude to another for anything you automatically acknowledge and honor Self when you realize that this has not come from the other but through them. There is no 'other' and within the realization of One, all things simply move from one pocket to the other. This is why it is so very important to stop looking outwardly for anything - your good, happinness or fulfilment.

Unevolved state of consciousness knows that all good flows from within, but appears to come from others. As you begin to accept the truth of who and what you are, honoring and loving yourself as divine beings, you will find yourselves automatically feeling gratitude for everything. This happens because you are now able  recognize every physical, emotional, mental or spiritual experience - the pleasant as well as the not so pleasant, to be a teacher.

Abundance appears in infinite form and variety according to the need of the moment. Money is only one form of abundance.  When you open a bill or look in your wallet and declare, "I don't have", you can be assured that that is exactly what you are creating - for you are creators.  Even if you have only one meagre coin of the lowest denomination, look upon it without judgement and acknowledge, "I have".

As with every aspect of spiritual evolution, intellectual knowledge of a truth is only the first step. You can not sit in the Absolute waiting for a bag of money to drop from the sky, although this could happen if you had the consciousness of it. Know the truth and then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take, be it employment or assistance of some sort. Let your actions be what resonates with you, and not what others may be telling you to do for their guidance, as well meaning as it may be - It's representative of their state of consciousness, and not yours.

Keep yourself open and guided with regard to all employment opportunities, not just the perfect job. Taking a job that you consider to be beneath you and performing it to the best of your ability, sends a message of intent to the Universe that you are serious about experiencing more abundance, and are ready to receive. Often another more suitable form of employment will soon present itself. All employment is 'service' at any job you hold can be 'Light Work' when done in an energy of Love.

Begin the flow of "I have" through giving on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It could be as simple as taking time to find used clothes and items to donate. Let go completely of the belief that when you give, this automatically means less for you. You have moved beyond that state of consciousness and now understand that everything flows from you as an infinite well of abundance, and not from a limited personal stash.

Use every giving as an opportunity to realize that I have because "I am".  Let the energy of your divine wholeness flow where you are guided to let it flow, in the realization that you are not expected to lift the whole world, for there are still many who need the old. Remember always to listen closely to your intuition for it occasionally happens that an enthusiastic student unknowingly becomes an enabler. Lack must be understood for what it is, a belief based in duality and separation, and having no law to support it.

Illusion:  The fear and panic that arises from not having enough is what drives crime and perpetuates the sense of separation. We understand your struggles. Our message today is that you are now ready to begin seeing and experiencing money as Energy and not material, even though it appears way. Take some material money and feel it, hold it, and realize it is a material concept representing the completeness of the divine consciousness that you really are.

Divine consciousness is self-sustained and self-maintained embodying all that is, and holding it in place by divine law.  It can never be more or less, nor can it change or be absent for it is all there is, and therefore must be the substance from which you are formed. I am the substance from which money is formed.

We are the Arcturian Group.


Thursday, 31 March 2016

Have ETs - EDs - IDs come to attack us?


"The time will inevitably come when mechanistic and atomic thinking will be put out of the minds of all people of wisdom, and instead dynamics and chemistry will come to be seen in all phenomena. When that happens, the divinity of living Nature will unfold before our eyes all the more clearly." - Johann von Goethe, 1812

Here's what Ian said about the following video. You'll find his Comment here >>

Thank you Ian. Good talking points brother.

PLEIADIAN PROPHECY 2015 - 2017: World Revolution!

Published on Jan 28, 2015
The Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak 11/23/14. Predictions: Revelations, Religion, GMOs, Ebola, Economic Crash, Mass Awakening and More.

Ian k  29 March 2016 at 14:37

Do you really believe this crap, think about it. Why would a so called highly evolved being, use a low frequency body of a third dimension, to channel messages? Far better to have the guts and openly show them selves, after all they have the technology to protect them selves, should the insane military robots open fire on them, they could also render them helpless if need be. So many lies are being fed to the human race and most of the time the trance channels have no idea that they are being used, by evil forces, who pretend to be great beings from distant worlds and are here to help. Utter crap and look how many are falling for it, in a time of great hell as we live in now, our own desperation is to seek for someone to help. Let me tell you this no alien or God is going to help humanity, they all have a part in keeping us suppressed and under the jack boot. Listening to the words spoken you can tell it is an evil soulless entity communicating this crap through her. We are the only ones who can save ourselves not some God or Jesus all of this was set up to trap us, we have to wake up and take control and a time will come when all will be revealed and you will realise that humanity has been had.

Hi there Ian,

Good points you raise. Some I agree with 100% and others I will add some other perspectives on below. I clarify here: My comments come from my knowledge of 7th - 9th dimensional Arcturian light beings. I can't speak for any others but these. If you're referring to 5th or 6th dimensional, the parameters to come into physicality may be quite different. Therefore, your comments may absolutely apply 100% in reference to 4-6D, which is not a playground I care to play in (personally).

(1) why use a low frequency body?  Because we in 3-D can see it, hear it, identify with it. If you want to talk to beings on a particular frequency, you need to tune the radio-bandwidth into a 'station'. Barbara is that 'station'.

(2) better to have them show themselves. They can't. They're on another frequency.

(3) they have the technology. You're thinking in 3-D again. Their 'technology' is in alignment with the Resonance Unity Field, the Zero Point Field, 'Consciousness'. Their 'technologies' are nothing to do with metals, bullets, armaments, shielding, etc. They have no use for that, because they are IN Consciousness, which is completely without knowledge of violence. 'It' is One. They are in The One. So no violence or revolution even is possible. There is only One. Everything else is self-annihilation. Even that thought can not exist because it's about 'non-existing', and that's an oxymoron... Not existing is impossible when the macrosystem (which we define as 'universe' including the 'multi-verse') is an electrical plasma field.

ETs/IDs are just 'beings'. They are not 'God' so they 'don't know everything', not at all. They haven't made the macrosystems and the dimensional realities. Their 'educated guesses' on many subjects are as good as our own. We are all the same... "Creation", ie: 'the created'. We are all on the same journey, of returning in physicality (whatever that may mean for different entities) and in 'spirit', to Source. This happens through our realizations of The Self as 'Infinite Being'. Mind and egoic reasoning holds us back as a Collective Consciousness, from knowing who we are. Individuals (on this planet) break through and lead the way, eg: Echart Tolle, Louise Hay... many other people known and not known. Notoriety and 'fame' are illusion. Human earth beings are seen as points of "light consciousness" and vibration. Therefore, a mother at home with three children and a dish cloth in her hand who has connection with Source, may radiate a brighter light and vibrational frequency than the Dalai Lama, for instance.

(4) insane military robots are 3-D. They can not touch ITs and IDs. These 'weapons' at best can only affect 'The Field' (wherein life is). At best, they can only cause a 'ripple' in The Field. 7-9 D beings can not be annihilatated as long as The Field exists. The Field can not 'never exist'. The Field IS - or else there is complete annihilation of everything. And even then, that is not possible... because there is always an electrical spark of some kind within an electrical plasma field, which is what 'Universe' and 'Consciousness' is. Therefore, there can never be complete annihilation. 'Insane military robots' are operating at a very 'low level', if you want to define it like that.

(5) could render them helpless. As already explained above re: communication and fields of frequency. They are completely separate ball-parks stacked one over the other, each with a mile of space between (figuratively). I can not play my football game on 7th-D for example and expect it to affect the 3-D game. There is some ripple in The Field. That's all. A low level perturberance and shift in collective consciousness might be affected, but as for 'direct action'? No. Star Trek is correct: "The Prime Directive".
Note: 3-D resources used to present information in a 3-D world (Wiki).

(6) lies. Yes of course. Absolutely. Humans are deluded. I agree.

(7) trance channels. Yes, i've had personal contact with trance chanelling in my pre-teen years with demonic entities inhabiting the bodies of my various family members. What Barbara is doing is not 'that'. It's something different. If you'd had my experience, you would also easily be able to tell the difference.

(8) used by evil forces. I agree. Many trance channels are being used by demonic entities. You can tell the difference by developing intuition. eg: What are the hairs on your forearms doing? What is the tingling in your spine telling you? What is your heart doing? - pumping harder? - Are you now in 'fight or flight' mode?  Is your lower abdomen - tummy area feeling dark and grey, clouded and heavy?  These are all indicators. Conversely, you might feel expansive and 'airy'. You might feel 'white' and feel 'gold' ... or see these things in your mind's eye. That's the barometer. Trust it. No-one and no entity can delude you when you have worked with your barometer for a while. Your self-tested calibrations of your own personal biological system will keep you safe. Develop this.

(9) here to help. Agreed. 'help' is problematic. It denies Sovereignty. Any being or entity-force-animation-persona who is directing you to 'Trust' in them is a MAJOR problem. Even 'Jesus'. Even 'God'. 'Jesus' or 'God' might be fine for you. But if the energy of these beings you connect with in your mind's eye is putting you on your knees again (as a servant or slave), that's the incorrect energy. If your Jesus doesn't put you on your knees and treats you as a brother would, that is the correct energy. 'Jesus' is our brother. 'God' inhabits every cell in our body and is the only reason for aliveness in our cells. 'God' is not outside of ourselves. Learn. Ask. Receive. Follow your own inner guidance as in (8) above.

There is no 'direction' or 'guidance' The Field has in mind for individual human (or other) beings - no restrictions - no limitations. Hence: draconian reptilian plays being allowed to continue for many thousands of years, wars, rapes, desecrations, killings, defilement... This (earth plane) is a "biological experiment", for want of better words. Don't fix a definition or picture of this too firmly in your mind... hold it loosely. It can not be fully defined within our 3-D experience. This is not a reference to 'abduction'. The only thing the "biological experiment" (the observer) seeks is an 'outcome'. There is no attachment to what that 'outcome' is. The motivation is 'observation', therefore an 'experiment' is the closest that can be referred to in 3-D definitions. ie: "An observation with no motivations desirous for any particular outcome" might encapsulate it better. It's more like a 'game', but with acknowledged rippling consequence in The Field. All life is elevating towards greater 'Awakening' and increasing towards "acknowledgement of Unity" within The Field - even Draco.

(10) utter crap. Much of it yes. Use discernment as explained in (8)

(11) desperation... seek someone to help. Agreed. Seeking 'help' is problematic, see (9)

(12) no alien or God is going to help humanity. That's 100% correct. Humanity created the mess... It's now up to us to grow up and realize that 'this' (ie: earth's environment and humanity's current conditions), is OUR mess to clean up, nobody else's. Sovereignty.

(13) they. That's We, Us, Ourselves... reflexively !! We keep ourselves suppressed because of the way we think - mind, thoughts... We have created our own 'prison of the mind' and pay great attention to keeping other people in that prison as well. "They" are not 'the aliens' - and certainly not the 7+D ones. I can't speak for 4-6D. I don't put my attention on those ones, and therefore (very literally) they do not exist for me. I'm not 'exalted'. I just know some of the 'magic' of the way The Field works.

"To each and every action (including thought) is an equal and opposite reaction." ie: If I do not create that clear image (action, form) in my thoughts, it simply can not manifest for me (form). Only those things I give clear semblance of thought to (form) can manifest for me in the holographic field (form), which is what this 'reality' is:
A hologram created by Thought Form (Tolle).

(14) evil soulless entity. Not at all. There's a lot of humor that comes through. Please consider: This is not an individual Barbara has connected with. It's a collective of minds including an 'egregor' if you will that permeates that community. It's not a singular being. It's more like a collective body of knowledge and 'knowing', that is being shared. Talking to an individual ET-ID is quite different. It's very personal and 'warm' (from experience).

(15) We are the only ones who can save ourselves. You're absolutely right.

(16) all of this [God, Jesus, 'rescue', 'salvation'] was set up to trap us. Yes it was. It pulls us away from standing in Personal Sovereignty. It tells us to not take personal and collective responsibility for what we do.

(17) we have to wake up and take control. Yes we do. 100% correct.

(18) all will be revealed. This is 'The Awakening'. It's happening right now, within the hearts of 10,000 people right now in this moment, in all kinds of ways right around the planet, right now in this second, in this moment of 'time'. Note: There is no 'time'. Time and Space are parts of the illusion. We create Time and Space with our minds, through Thought. Mind needs 'solidity' to fixate itself upon. This is the nature of Mind and is why this 3D 'reality' is so pervasive.

(19) humanity has been had. Humanity is 'having' itself. We are the Subject and the Object of the game. We create the hologram of whatever 'reality' on this planet is manifested at any current 'time'. It's all a 'game', an 'observation'. 3-D is not 'real'. It's simply a manifestation of Mind. Thought is powerful. We Create our future through our thoughts.