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Have ETs - EDs - IDs come to attack us?


"The time will inevitably come when mechanistic and atomic thinking will be put out of the minds of all people of wisdom, and instead dynamics and chemistry will come to be seen in all phenomena. When that happens, the divinity of living Nature will unfold before our eyes all the more clearly." - Johann von Goethe, 1812

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Thank you Ian. Good talking points brother.

PLEIADIAN PROPHECY 2015 - 2017: World Revolution!

Published on Jan 28, 2015
The Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak 11/23/14. Predictions: Revelations, Religion, GMOs, Ebola, Economic Crash, Mass Awakening and More.

Ian k  29 March 2016 at 14:37

Do you really believe this crap, think about it. Why would a so called highly evolved being, use a low frequency body of a third dimension, to channel messages? Far better to have the guts and openly show them selves, after all they have the technology to protect them selves, should the insane military robots open fire on them, they could also render them helpless if need be. So many lies are being fed to the human race and most of the time the trance channels have no idea that they are being used, by evil forces, who pretend to be great beings from distant worlds and are here to help. Utter crap and look how many are falling for it, in a time of great hell as we live in now, our own desperation is to seek for someone to help. Let me tell you this no alien or God is going to help humanity, they all have a part in keeping us suppressed and under the jack boot. Listening to the words spoken you can tell it is an evil soulless entity communicating this crap through her. We are the only ones who can save ourselves not some God or Jesus all of this was set up to trap us, we have to wake up and take control and a time will come when all will be revealed and you will realise that humanity has been had.

Hi there Ian,

Good points you raise. Some I agree with 100% and others I will add some other perspectives on below. I clarify here: My comments come from my knowledge of 7th - 9th dimensional Arcturian light beings. I can't speak for any others but these. If you're referring to 5th or 6th dimensional, the parameters to come into physicality may be quite different. Therefore, your comments may absolutely apply 100% in reference to 4-6D, which is not a playground I care to play in (personally).

(1) why use a low frequency body?  Because we in 3-D can see it, hear it, identify with it. If you want to talk to beings on a particular frequency, you need to tune the radio-bandwidth into a 'station'. Barbara is that 'station'.

(2) better to have them show themselves. They can't. They're on another frequency.

(3) they have the technology. You're thinking in 3-D again. Their 'technology' is in alignment with the Resonance Unity Field, the Zero Point Field, 'Consciousness'. Their 'technologies' are nothing to do with metals, bullets, armaments, shielding, etc. They have no use for that, because they are IN Consciousness, which is completely without knowledge of violence. 'It' is One. They are in The One. So no violence or revolution even is possible. There is only One. Everything else is self-annihilation. Even that thought can not exist because it's about 'non-existing', and that's an oxymoron... Not existing is impossible when the macrosystem (which we define as 'universe' including the 'multi-verse') is an electrical plasma field.

ETs/IDs are just 'beings'. They are not 'God' so they 'don't know everything', not at all. They haven't made the macrosystems and the dimensional realities. Their 'educated guesses' on many subjects are as good as our own. We are all the same... "Creation", ie: 'the created'. We are all on the same journey, of returning in physicality (whatever that may mean for different entities) and in 'spirit', to Source. This happens through our realizations of The Self as 'Infinite Being'. Mind and egoic reasoning holds us back as a Collective Consciousness, from knowing who we are. Individuals (on this planet) break through and lead the way, eg: Echart Tolle, Louise Hay... many other people known and not known. Notoriety and 'fame' are illusion. Human earth beings are seen as points of "light consciousness" and vibration. Therefore, a mother at home with three children and a dish cloth in her hand who has connection with Source, may radiate a brighter light and vibrational frequency than the Dalai Lama, for instance.

(4) insane military robots are 3-D. They can not touch ITs and IDs. These 'weapons' at best can only affect 'The Field' (wherein life is). At best, they can only cause a 'ripple' in The Field. 7-9 D beings can not be annihilatated as long as The Field exists. The Field can not 'never exist'. The Field IS - or else there is complete annihilation of everything. And even then, that is not possible... because there is always an electrical spark of some kind within an electrical plasma field, which is what 'Universe' and 'Consciousness' is. Therefore, there can never be complete annihilation. 'Insane military robots' are operating at a very 'low level', if you want to define it like that.

(5) could render them helpless. As already explained above re: communication and fields of frequency. They are completely separate ball-parks stacked one over the other, each with a mile of space between (figuratively). I can not play my football game on 7th-D for example and expect it to affect the 3-D game. There is some ripple in The Field. That's all. A low level perturberance and shift in collective consciousness might be affected, but as for 'direct action'? No. Star Trek is correct: "The Prime Directive".
Note: 3-D resources used to present information in a 3-D world (Wiki).

(6) lies. Yes of course. Absolutely. Humans are deluded. I agree.

(7) trance channels. Yes, i've had personal contact with trance chanelling in my pre-teen years with demonic entities inhabiting the bodies of my various family members. What Barbara is doing is not 'that'. It's something different. If you'd had my experience, you would also easily be able to tell the difference.

(8) used by evil forces. I agree. Many trance channels are being used by demonic entities. You can tell the difference by developing intuition. eg: What are the hairs on your forearms doing? What is the tingling in your spine telling you? What is your heart doing? - pumping harder? - Are you now in 'fight or flight' mode?  Is your lower abdomen - tummy area feeling dark and grey, clouded and heavy?  These are all indicators. Conversely, you might feel expansive and 'airy'. You might feel 'white' and feel 'gold' ... or see these things in your mind's eye. That's the barometer. Trust it. No-one and no entity can delude you when you have worked with your barometer for a while. Your self-tested calibrations of your own personal biological system will keep you safe. Develop this.

(9) here to help. Agreed. 'help' is problematic. It denies Sovereignty. Any being or entity-force-animation-persona who is directing you to 'Trust' in them is a MAJOR problem. Even 'Jesus'. Even 'God'. 'Jesus' or 'God' might be fine for you. But if the energy of these beings you connect with in your mind's eye is putting you on your knees again (as a servant or slave), that's the incorrect energy. If your Jesus doesn't put you on your knees and treats you as a brother would, that is the correct energy. 'Jesus' is our brother. 'God' inhabits every cell in our body and is the only reason for aliveness in our cells. 'God' is not outside of ourselves. Learn. Ask. Receive. Follow your own inner guidance as in (8) above.

There is no 'direction' or 'guidance' The Field has in mind for individual human (or other) beings - no restrictions - no limitations. Hence: draconian reptilian plays being allowed to continue for many thousands of years, wars, rapes, desecrations, killings, defilement... This (earth plane) is a "biological experiment", for want of better words. Don't fix a definition or picture of this too firmly in your mind... hold it loosely. It can not be fully defined within our 3-D experience. This is not a reference to 'abduction'. The only thing the "biological experiment" (the observer) seeks is an 'outcome'. There is no attachment to what that 'outcome' is. The motivation is 'observation', therefore an 'experiment' is the closest that can be referred to in 3-D definitions. ie: "An observation with no motivations desirous for any particular outcome" might encapsulate it better. It's more like a 'game', but with acknowledged rippling consequence in The Field. All life is elevating towards greater 'Awakening' and increasing towards "acknowledgement of Unity" within The Field - even Draco.

(10) utter crap. Much of it yes. Use discernment as explained in (8)

(11) desperation... seek someone to help. Agreed. Seeking 'help' is problematic, see (9)

(12) no alien or God is going to help humanity. That's 100% correct. Humanity created the mess... It's now up to us to grow up and realize that 'this' (ie: earth's environment and humanity's current conditions), is OUR mess to clean up, nobody else's. Sovereignty.

(13) they. That's We, Us, Ourselves... reflexively !! We keep ourselves suppressed because of the way we think - mind, thoughts... We have created our own 'prison of the mind' and pay great attention to keeping other people in that prison as well. "They" are not 'the aliens' - and certainly not the 7+D ones. I can't speak for 4-6D. I don't put my attention on those ones, and therefore (very literally) they do not exist for me. I'm not 'exalted'. I just know some of the 'magic' of the way The Field works.

"To each and every action (including thought) is an equal and opposite reaction." ie: If I do not create that clear image (action, form) in my thoughts, it simply can not manifest for me (form). Only those things I give clear semblance of thought to (form) can manifest for me in the holographic field (form), which is what this 'reality' is:
A hologram created by Thought Form (Tolle).

(14) evil soulless entity. Not at all. There's a lot of humor that comes through. Please consider: This is not an individual Barbara has connected with. It's a collective of minds including an 'egregor' if you will that permeates that community. It's not a singular being. It's more like a collective body of knowledge and 'knowing', that is being shared. Talking to an individual ET-ID is quite different. It's very personal and 'warm' (from experience).

(15) We are the only ones who can save ourselves. You're absolutely right.

(16) all of this [God, Jesus, 'rescue', 'salvation'] was set up to trap us. Yes it was. It pulls us away from standing in Personal Sovereignty. It tells us to not take personal and collective responsibility for what we do.

(17) we have to wake up and take control. Yes we do. 100% correct.

(18) all will be revealed. This is 'The Awakening'. It's happening right now, within the hearts of 10,000 people right now in this moment, in all kinds of ways right around the planet, right now in this second, in this moment of 'time'. Note: There is no 'time'. Time and Space are parts of the illusion. We create Time and Space with our minds, through Thought. Mind needs 'solidity' to fixate itself upon. This is the nature of Mind and is why this 3D 'reality' is so pervasive.

(19) humanity has been had. Humanity is 'having' itself. We are the Subject and the Object of the game. We create the hologram of whatever 'reality' on this planet is manifested at any current 'time'. It's all a 'game', an 'observation'. 3-D is not 'real'. It's simply a manifestation of Mind. Thought is powerful. We Create our future through our thoughts.




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